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    Drug Dealers
    Drug dealers use every available means to sell their junk in our society

Common Investigation Tactics

In order to catch the most prolific drug dealers, law enforcement officers must often get inside their heads and think like they do. There are many tactics they use to try to catch those doing the most harm, and while TV shows might have you think cases are wrapped up in 45 minutes or less, real investigations often take months or even years to see to completion.

  • Online Tracking
    Using Modern Technology

    First, there is the normal web where often law-abiding people go to do online shopping, advertising, and more. There is also a place called the deep web, which is typically used by those trying to circumvent the law or facilitate illegal activities like dealing drugs. Law enforcement monitors both regular web use and deep web use and compares activity to try and identify deep-web users who might be dealing drugs.

  • Package Monitoring
    Delivering drugs through the mail

    Law enforcement officers also work with package handling facilities to monitor for suspicious packages and where they go. Some criminals even put their actual return address on packages, making it easier for law enforcement to track down the drug sellers. If a person is falsely caught up in a drug investigation, a legal expert such as a Dallas criminal defense attorney can aggressively defend his clients who are falsely accused.

  • Observation
    A decades-old technique

    Old-fashioned investigation means physically tracking a possible suspect and seeing where he or she goes each day. In online deals, this can also coincide with tracking when certain users log on, which is precisely how police caught the founder of Silk Road, a deep-web market for illicit drugs. Law enforcement can even get IP addresses, which provide a physical location when people log onto the internet.

A More Risky Solution

Some law enforcement officers go deep undercover by actually joining groups that distribute drugs and gaining their trust. Once they are able to track the source of the drugs, they work with the rest of the agency to perform an arrest. There are many different and effective ways law enforcement uses to catch drug criminals. As long as illegal drug dealing continues to exist, drug enforcers will find ways to bust them.

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